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The largest hot desert in the world, northern Africa's Sahara , reaches temperatures of up to degrees Fahrenheit 50 degrees Celsius during the day. But some deserts are always cold, like the Gobi desert in Asia and the polar deserts of the Antarctic and Arctic, which are the world's largest. Others are mountainous.

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Only about 20 percent of deserts are covered by sand. The driest deserts, such as Chile's Atacama Desert, have parts that receive less than. Such environments are so harsh and otherworldly that scientists have even studied them for clues about life on Mars. On the other hand, every few years, an unusually rainy period can produce "super blooms," where even the Atacama becomes blanketed in wildflowers.

Desert animals have evolved ways to help them keep cool and use less water.

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Camels can go for weeks without water , and their nostrils and eyelashes can form a barrier against sand. Many desert animals, such as the fennec fox , are nocturnal, coming out to hunt only when the brutal sun has descended.


Some animals, like the desert tortoise in the southwestern United States, spend much of their time underground. Most desert birds are nomadic, crisscrossing the skies in search of food.

And among insects, the Namibian desert beetle can harvest fog from the air for water. Because of their very special adaptations, desert animals are extremely vulnerable to changes in their habitat.

Fischer had inherited the painting, A family in Los Angeles who purchased the portraits in the s made the discovery when they were taken to be reframed and the framer realized they were fakes, the website TMZ reported. JTA — A Nazi-looted painting that was returned to its owners last month from the collection of the late art collector Cornelius Gurlitt was sold at auction.

There Is No Reason to Cross the U.S. by Train. But I Did It Anyway.

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