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What is a Small-Cap Stock? Profiting from Options. The Advantage of Tax-Advantaged Funds.

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Value Traps vs. He had everything to gain by saving it as a basis of operations for his army.

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Wang Yang-ming failed to gain acceptance for his philosophy. The original French sense enfolded the notions of "profit from agriculture" and "booty, prey. Related: Gained ; gaining. To gain on "advance nearer" is from To gain ground s was originally military.


In addition to the idiom beginning with gain. RELATED WORDS advance , cut , return , advantage , profit , hike , rise , share , yield , improvement , increase , benefit , growth , earnings , income , dividend , payoff , boost , proceeds , achievement. Nearby words gail , gaillard , gaillard cut , gaillardia , gaily , gain , gain ground , gainer , gaines , gaines, edmund pendleton , gainesville.

Idioms gain ground , to progress or advance, as in value, strength, or achievement: The company's new products are gaining ground in suburban areas.

What is GAiN?

Gain, attain, earn, win imply obtaining a reward or something advantageous. GAiN is a conference for people who work in communication, media and technology both professionally and in their local churches.

GAiN brings together communication, technology and media experts from around the world to form a network of Seventh-day Adventist professionals. GAiN is a professional network which collaborates on projects and ideas to advance the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Through our global network and collaboration, GAiN aims to use new and exciting techniques to change the way the church uses technology, media and communication skills. I enjoyed the Gain Conference and have friends in Mexico who I was sharing the information with I would like to keep in touch with what has been done since the conference with updates on what was done with the information and contacts from that conference.

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