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Here is one such moving incident, which Ti Marto told Father de Marchi:.

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He clearly foresaw that, despite everything, he was going to die In the short space of time when he began to feel a little better, the middle of January to early February, he was able to go to the Cova da Iria. We can imagine what an emotional experience it was. He knew that it was the last time he would visit this blessed place! His condition became steadily worse until his parents at last realised that they would lose him.

Our Lady wants me in Heaven with Her. The high fever was gradually and implacably undermining his enfeebled body until only a thread held him to earth. The other two kept no secrets from Lucy. The constant thought and ideal of Francisco was always the same. He wanted to offer all his prayers and sufferings to console Our Lord and Our Lady:. He was quite conscious of the fact that his special role was that of consoler of the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

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This was to be his vocation here below and in eternity. For if he desired to go to Heaven, it was to be able to console Them that much better:. I feel worse. Jacinta is going to pray a lot for sinners, for the Holy Father and for you. You will stay here, because Our Lord wants it that way. Listen, you must do everything that She tells you. Go to the church and give my love to the Hidden Jesus. What hurts me most is that I cannot go there myself and stay awhile with the Hidden Jesus. When you come out of school, go and stay for a little while near the Hidden Jesus, and afterwards come home by yourself.

What supernatural wisdom and what love of God is this brotherly suggestion! It manifests a soul already utterly imbued with the presence of God, completely transformed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Indeed their presence did not deprive him of the presence of God. Together, they could pray, or speak about Heaven and the words of Our Lady. Lucy goes on to explain this astonishing influence exercised by her companions over their visitors by their simple presence, their attitudes and the few words they spoke, for Jacinta spoke more readily than her older brother:.

Indeed, the very sight of these children was enough to draw their minds to our Heavenly Mother , with whom the children were believed to be in communication; to eternity , for they saw how eager, joyful and happy they were at the thought of going there; to God , for they said that they loved Him more than their own parents; and even to Hell , for the children warned them that people would go there if they continued to commit sin. What a testimony! In her Memoirs, Sister Lucy reports several cases where true miracles of grace were worked through the prayer of the little seer.

One day, a woman from Alqueidao came to ask for the healing of a sick person and the conversion of a sinner. Since Lucy and Jacinta had the time to hide, fleeing the company of the group of visitors, Francisco received them alone in his bedroom. He promised to pray. Not long after his death, the same woman returned to Aljustrel. She was most upset because her husband had driven their son out of the house, and she was asking for the grace that her son would be reconciled with his father. The boy accepted everything that the father demanded, and peace reigned once again in that home.

He could no longer cough up the phlegm; his throat became blocked; the fever grew worse; only with difficulty could he take any medicine; the weakness and exhaustion grew rapidly, giving away the fact that the end was near. In barely six months, the terrible malady had overcome his robust health. This greatly afflicted Francisco. No longer being able to pray, he felt that the end was near and he asked Father Ferreira to let him receive Holy Communion before he died.

As Mr.

Marto went to the presbytery he recited the Rosary on the way, overcome with anguish and desolation. Would the implacable Father Ferreira finally grant to his poor Francisco the favour of being able to receive Communion? Had he not excluded Francisco from the Holy Table yet again in May , on the pretext that the boy was still unsure of a point concerning the Creed? Ti Marto remembered how Francisco had come back to the house in tears. Nevertheless, on April 2, , the parish priest of Fatima was surely touched, and he agreed to come without delay, the very same day, to visit the poor dying boy.

He wanted to be sure that he had confessed all his faults, without forgetting a single one. It was still early in the morning when he sent his sister Teresa to get Lucy:. Francisco is very bad, and he says he wants to tell you something.

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He asked his mother and brothers and sisters to leave the room, saying that he wanted to tell me a secret. I want you to tell me if you have seen me commit any sin, and then go and ask Jacinta if she has seen me commit any. I remember that. Now go and ask Jacinta if she remembers anything else.

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Maybe, it is because of these sins that I committed that Our Lord is so sad! If Our Lord had not forgiven them already, Our Lady would not have told Jacinta the other day that She was coming soon to take you to Heaven. He had made his confession, and the parish priest had promised to bring him Holy Communion the next day. Francisco was exultant. The moment he so ardently desired had arrived. Given his sickness, of course, he could have been dispensed from the fast. But no!

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It was a beautiful spring day When Francisco heard the sound of the bell announcing the arrival of the King of Heaven, he wanted to seat himself on his bed; however, he was too weak, and he fell back on his pillow. She had come specially to attend the first and last Communion of her godson Jesus was coming to take their companion away, and usher him into Heaven.

After receiving the Host on his parched tongue, Francisco closed his eyes, and remained motionless for a long time Francisco, however, was still overcome with joy.

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Since he could no longer pray, he asked us to recite the Rosary for him. The thought of having to leave them seemed to put a damper on his joy.

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Already he cherished them so much! If only Our Lady would bring you there soon, also! Just imagine! And you right there with Our Lord and Our Lady! They are so good! And then, more than anything else, I want to console Him.

Is it childish simplicity, charming candour? Be that as it may, it still moves the Heart of God and greatly consoles it. Truly I say to you, whoever does not humble himself as this little child, shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Then He blessed them and imposed His Hands upon them. Be sure of that. As the scene was becoming so moving, my aunt told me to leave the room. Till we meet in Heaven, goodbye! On Friday, everything indicated that his end was near. He still had the strength to ask pardon of his godmother for the few times he had caused her some little trouble during his life, and to ask for her blessing.

What a lovely light, there, by the door! Lucy followed, in tears, while Jacinta, herself also sick and in tears, kept to her room. His burial reflected his poverty, in a simple grave, marked only by a wooden cross. Francisco had been filled to the brim with graces from each one of Her visits, sanctified by the innumerable Rosaries he had recited, absorbed with the thought of consoling the Hidden Jesus, and purified, finally, by the sufferings imposed by illness.