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Low was in London at that time and acted as the American representative on the Council. Low is one of the few Americans to have received this award. The following year, Low stepped down as President of the Girl Scouts of America and focused more of her attention on promoting the organization internationally. In the early s, Low was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had several surgeries and treatments, including the ingestion of lead, to try and cure her disease.

But her treatments did not work. Despite her poor and declining health, Low kept up a relentless schedule to promote and support the work of the Girl Scouts. On January 17, , she succumbed to her illness and died. The next day at a candlelight service, hundreds of Girl Scouts attended her funeral. Low has been awarded numerous posthumous awards.

Her birthplace has also been designated a National Historic Landmark.

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Today, the Girl Scouts organization is thriving around the world. As of , there are over three million members and over fifty million members since its founding in The organization is self-sufficient due to its many patrons and yearly cookie sales to raise funds. MLA - Spring, Kelly. National Women's History Museum, Date accessed. Chicago - Spring, Kelly.

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Juliette Gordon Low By Dr. Kelly A. Spring While she was taught the typical social graces of a highborn lady in school, excelling in drawing, piano and speech, she yearned instead to explore, hike, play tennis and ride horses—all activities discouraged by her restrictive finishing schools. Defiant in nature, Low was frequently caught breaking the rules.

By the age of 19, Low was torn between being a dutiful daughter and pursuing her dreams of being an independent woman. Low believed she might be able to turn her painting into a means of financial support and self-sufficiency. She was also expected to marry, which she did at the age of Her union to wealthy cotton merchant William Mackay Low, who she considered her one true love, took place on December 21, During their ceremony, a grain of rice, thrown by a well-wisher, became lodged in Low's ear.

The pain of the impacted rice became so great that the couple was forced to return home to have it removed.

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As a result, Low's hearing was permanently damaged and resulted in frequent ear infections and eventual deafness in both ears. Because of her husband's wealth, the Lows traveled often and socialized with the educated and monied. They purchased the Wellesbourne House in Warwickshire, England, and spent their autumns hunting in Scotland and winters seeing family in the United States. William eventually began spending more time apart from his wife, gambling, partying, hunting and splurging on extravagant toys.

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Low was also gone on frequent trips, searching for cures for her hearing loss. She also struggled with ovarian abscesses, a primary reason the two never had children. As a result, William requested a divorce—at the time a shocking decree—but Low had to prove desertion, adultery and cruelty, all of which would require besmirching her name as well as those of her husband and Bateman. During this time, William also began drinking heavily and his social circle, worried about his mental and physical stability, all but deserted him.

Low's friends and family rose to support her, hosting her at their houses so she would have socially acceptable reasons to be away from home. Before the divorce proceedings could be finalized, however, William died of a seizure during a trip with his mistress.

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Low subsequently discovered that her husband had amended his will, leaving the bulk of his fortune to Bateman. Low was forced to contest the will, eventually negotiating a settlement that provided her with an annual income and the Savannah Lafayette Ward estate.

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  • After the loss of her husband and much of her financial stability, Low began traveling the world, sailing to France, Italy, Egypt and India. Originally determined not to like Powell she believed he had received unduly large credit for the success of the Second Boer War and the Siege of Mafeking , Low was instead instantly charmed by his manner. Baden-Powell had founded the Boy Scouts with the intention of training young boys for defense and preparedness in case of military invasion.

    More filters. Sort order. Aug 01, Cece rated it really liked it. Always a bit wild and independent, she felt that girls deserved to explore nature and enjoy the Great Outdoors in scout groups, or troops, the same as boys.

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    Her legacy has carried on to this day, with millions of girl scouts in countries around the world. Aug 28, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Daisy Gordon Low is my new hero.

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    If I could have dinner with any celebrity, living or dead, she would be the one! Apr 04, April Suter rated it liked it. A middle school biography of the woman who created the Girl Scouts. Jul 28, Yvonne Crawford rated it it was amazing. Molly Tyson rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Charity McClain rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Rustina Sharpe rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Arly rated it really liked it Jul 15, Melody rated it really liked it Jun 24, Renee Shope rated it really liked it Sep 18, Jen marked it as to-read Aug 26, Diana marked it as to-read Mar 31, Denise marked it as to-read Jun 08, Community District Library added it Jul 09, Jenne is currently reading it Jan 28,