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And instead of writing the word gay in every sentence. I would have appreciated more action. Also, I find that the story is moving to fast. Where is the complexity in the relationship?

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Seems like the story was rushed. If its free go for it. Customer Reviews See All. More Books by Nathan J. Morissey See All. No matter if you get the actions right or wrong, you end up arriving right after Santiago and Isabella. If the timer ends, you freeze in place and end up in the pool, getting " Participation Trophy ".

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If the timer ends, you don't say a specific preparation and get " Too Chicken ". If the timer ends, you don't bother describing the dish and get " Don't Give a Crepe. If you pick the second option, Blake will put a burger named "The Jess " on the menu. You will go first regardless of what you choose.

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If the timer ends, you don't say anything. If you got the diamond outfit in Chapter 6. You win anyway because the other couple leaves. If the timer ends, you get " Super Soaker ". If the timer ends, you get " We All Scream ". If you chose the correct options in earlier scenes. If you bought the diamond dress in Chapter 9. They will ultimately like any of them but the goblet makes a better first impression.

You will get the achievement when you give them the gift. If you bought the Royal Blue dress.

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Come Sail Away if you got at least one correct. First in His Heart if you didn't get any correct. Queens of the Tide if you got both right. You can choose any order to hear their fortunes, it has no long-term effects and you will get to hear them all. Lady Luck if you win. Star Stunner if you got the diamond outfit from Chapter 9. The dealer always gets You need to get more than 17 points but less than 22 points to win. The cards you are dealt are random.

On the following day she amused herself as before, and began to feel more reconciled to her condition; for she had everything at her command which could promote her happiness. As evening approached she anticipated the visit of the Lion; for, notwithstanding his terrible looks, his conversation and manners were very pleasing. He continued to visit her every day, till at length she began to think he was not so terrible as she once thought him. On his next visit he appeared sorrowful and dejected, but said nothing.

Amidst all this, Beauty did not forget her father. One day she felt a strong desire to know how he was, and what he was doing; at that instant she cast her eyes on a mirror and saw her father lying on a sick-bed, in the greatest pain, whilst her sisters were trying on some fine dresses in another room. At this sad sight poor Beauty wept bitterly.

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When the Lion came as usual he perceived her sorrow, and inquired the cause. She told him what she had seen, and how much she wished to go and nurse her father. He asked her if she would promise to return at a certain time if she went. Beauty felt very grateful for his kindness. His illness had been much increased by fretting for poor Beauty, who he thought had long since died, either from fear or by the cruel monster. He was overcome with joy on finding her still alive. He now soon began to recover under the affectionate nursing of Beauty. The two sisters were so very jealous that they determined to ruin her prospects if possible.

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Let us try to keep her here beyond the time; the monster will then be so enraged with her for breaking her promise, that he will destroy her at once when she returns. In order to succeed, they treated Beauty with the greatest affection, and the day before her intended departure they stole the rose which she had told them was the means of conveying her in an instant wherever she might wish.

Beauty was so much affected by their kindness that she was easily persuaded to remain a few days. In the meantime the envious sisters thought of enriching themselves by means of the rose, and they accordingly wished themselves in some grand place. Instead of being carried away as they expected, the rose withered, and they heard a most terrible noise, which so alarmed them that they threw down the flower and hid themselves.

Beauty was greatly troubled at the loss of her rose, and sought everywhere for it, but in vain. Everything was just as she had left it; but the sweet sounds of music which used to greet her were now hushed, and there was an air of apparent gloom hanging over everything. She herself felt very melancholy, but she knew not why.

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At the usual time she expected a visit from the Lion, but no Lion appeared. Beauty, wondering what all this could mean, now reproached herself for her ingratitude in not having returned as she promised. She feared the poor Beast had died of grief, and she thought that she could have married him rather than suffer him to die.

She resolved to seek him in the morning in every part of the palace. After a miserable and sleepless night, she arose early and ran through every apartment, but no Lion could be seen. I wish I could once more see him. At that moment she arrived at a plot of grass where the poor Lion lay as if dead. Beauty ran toward him, and knelt by his side, and seized his paw. What can I do to save you? No sooner had these words passed her lips than the lion-form disappeared, and she saw at her feet a handsome Prince, who thanked her for having broken his enchantment.

He told her that a wicked magician had condemned him to wear the form of a lion until a beautiful lady should consent to marry him; a kind fairy had, however, given him the magic rose to help him. At the same instant that the Prince was changed the whole palace became full of courtiers, all of whom had been rendered invisible when the Prince was enchanted.

The Prince now led Beauty into the palace, where she found her father. The Prince related all to him, and asked him to allow Beauty to become his wife, to which he cheerfully assented, and the nuptials were solemnized with great rejoicing.

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The good fairy appeared to congratulate the Prince on his deliverance and on his marriage with Beauty. As for the two sisters, she punished them severely for their jealous and unkind behavior. But the Prince and his wife Beauty lived happily together in the royal palace for many, many years.

My Daddy is A Handsome Prince: Volume 2

Once upon a time there was a young Prince who was so well liked by everyone in the kingdom where he lived that they named him Prince Darling. The King loved his son greatly, and he loved his subjects, too. He was very anxious to have his son grow up to be a splendid man, and a just ruler for his people.