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February 1, - Published on Amazon. A Kindle version would be ideal, though.

Success is Counted Sweetest by Emily Dickinson

Since they're so short, I can read one anywhere, any time, and then think it over as I go on my way. February 28, - Published on Amazon. I lost my old edition of Emily Dickinson's complete poems a few months back so i bought this edition hoping it would be a suitable replacement. I was greatly disappointed. They couldn't even spell her name right so there's your first warning. Usually when I purchase a book I'll look into it a little bit, you know, read reviews and have a look inside.

I'll look to see what the dimensions, size and weight of the book are as well as how many pages it contains.

I'll admit I may have rushed through the purchase and just saw "complete" and "Dickinson" and I threw it in my cart and checked out. Learned my lesson good. It made me so angry and just let down that I purchased a different volume, I had to have her words. It's the real deal and it is easily 10 times as thick as this edition and what's important about that? June 7, - Published on Amazon. This could hardly be called a "book". It should sell for a dollar.

Emily Dickinson

Really bad quality. And the poems in small print. They have a lot of nerve selling this as a book. I could have printed out poems off the internet.


It seems thats what the publisher did. July 14, - Published on Amazon. I love Amazon, but reviews and descriptions of very different versions and editions get all jumbled together. The Amazon Review I am looking at for a Kindle edition published by the Heraklion Press claims that this a complete version "uncorrupted by editorial revision," the Thomas Johnson edition of But the Look Inside does not show that edition, and it seems vanishingly unlikely that any Kindle edition of the Johnson or Franklin editions will ever be available for less than ten dollars.

Although she wrote so long ago, Dickinson's work was originally heavily edited by friends and relations. So far as I can tell, those are the only versions that are in the public domain, the only versions you are likely to see for a buck or two on Kindle. The truly accurate version first published in by the Harvard University Press is still under copyright.

Only the copyrighted versions are "uncorrupted by editorial revision," and the differences are not minor. At the time I write this, no Harvard University Press version seems to be offered for Kindle, and if it ever is, it will almost certainly cost a lot more than a few bucks. These old public domain editions do show the poems the way they were seen for a long time. They're better than nothing. But if you want to see Dickinson's poems as they were actually written, you currently need to look up one of the post editions edited by Johnson or Franklin printed on paper.

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Part I - Poetics and the Imagination

Click on an option below to access. Log out of ReadCube. In the context of globalization of Dickinson studies, this essay tries to chart the contours of an emerging field. Volume 11 , Issue 3.

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The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson (Illustrated) by Emily Dickenson -

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